When you are looking for a reliable, professional, and experienced PVC window supplier in NSW, look no further than Christoffel Windows. With over 30 years of experience in manufacturing and supplying Australian homes with the best quality PVC windows and doors, we are your solution to creating a more comfortable and sustainable home.

uPVC windows are the pinnacle of efficiency and boast several amazing features that make your living space efficient and enjoyable. From controlling temperature to reducing noise and providing a high aesthetic value to your property, it’s an investment that every Australian homeowner should make.

Continue reading below to learn more about why you should install these in your home today.

Completely Customisables

The advancements in the manufacturing process of PVC windows now allow homeowners to customise their products to suit their unique style. Where most PVC windows and doors were standard white, you can now select from a variety of colours and textured effects to create your desired aesthetic.

Increased Security

Security is of the utmost importance for any window and door installation. Fortunately, this is where PVC windows outshine their counterparts with a lightweight and sturdy frame and a double-glazed window that prevents intruders from gaining access to your home. When combined with various locking systems, your windows and doors will ensure optimal security for your home.

Better Insulation

Being more energy efficient is incredibly important, which is why uPVC windows are an excellent choice for your home. Made from insulating materials, PVC windows reduce your home’s heat loss, which in turn reduces your energy consumption. uPVC windows are a superior choice that improves your home’s window energy rating.

Proven Durability

Outfitting your home with new windows is a substantial investment, so you want to invest in a product that is built to last. This is where uPVC windows take the lead. Made from extremely durable materials, uPVC can withstand harsh weather conditions and evade corrosion, as well as maintain its appearance through long periods of sun exposure.

Improved Soundproofing

There’s nothing worse than experiencing excessive external noise while inside your home. Whether you are located near a busy highway or in close proximity to a railway, uPVC and double-glazed windows are the soundproofing solutions you need for a more peaceful and tranquil home.
Take advantage of the many benefits uPVC windows offer your home and get in touch with Christoffel Windows. There’s no better PVC window supplier in NSW for the job, call us today.