Savings with uPVC

Christoffel uPVC Double Glazed Products

Increase the value of your property

Those who invest in renovation to their property using modern quality windows have a number of benefits. The important reduction in heating and cooling costs due to better insulation, plus excellent sound insulation, burglar protection and ease of use, are all made possible by the perfect technology of high quality PVC framed double glazed windows.

New windows are an investment in the long term. Windows built and installed with this state of the art technology will raise the value of your property both now and far into the future

It all comes down to U Value

U value stands for transmittance; the Uw value (w = window) is an important measurable value on the basis of which we can compare the thermal behaviour of old and new windows.

This value describes the thermal energy transmitted through a window from one side to the other in either direction. The lower the Uw value, the better the thermal insulation and thus the more energy efficient and economical.

Of course, the windows must be Window Energy Rating Scheme (WERS) tested according to Australian standards.

Christoffel uPVC Double Glazed windows & doors ticks all of these boxes.

On Energy Efficiency

Old Windows Waste Energy

The thinnest areas in the exterior shell of any house are its windows. This is where the cold gets in and the heat escapes – and vice versa in summer.

At least this is the case with old windows. This is why replacement windows play a decisive role in energy efficient renovation – something most people are not aware of.

It is therefore important to plan renovation and modernization work where it has the best effect.

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Average one-family home loss of its heat or cold through its windows.