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Christoffel uPVC Double Glazed Awning & Casement Windows

High demand windows bringing comfort and style

Our double glazed casement window is designed with style, functionality, durability and efficiency, providing an all-inclusive benefit for your home.

 So, when you want to see more of the world around you, do so through the class and charm of a uPVC casement window from Australia’s leading manufacturer – Christoffel Windows.

Does a house without windows feel like home? Probably not, but neither does a house with obstructed views! Fortunately, casement windows make your home feel like a sanctuary thanks to their unobstructed views, so you can enjoy the world around you while still relaxing in the comfort of the indoors.
Every homeowner wants their home to be unique and distinguishable from the rest, but creating a harmonious atmosphere and style can be more challenging than you think. Fortunately, thanks to their architectural distinctiveness and elegance, casement windows make it far easier.
Christoffel Windows is Australia’s leading uPVC window and door manufacturer, helping homeowners create the home of their dreams with high-quality products and exceptional instalment services. Our clients are always ecstatic and satisfied with their new windows and doors, and we want to make you just as happy.
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Superb Design

The Awning and Casement windows are outward opening. The Awning window pushes out from the top and the casement window is side hung both with stainless steel stays, 2 locking points and night ventilation.

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Christoffel Australia can help you outfit your home with quality double glazed windows offering you three core double glazed window products. For more information about having our windows fitted in your home, contact us today.

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