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Christoffel uPVC Double Glazed Doors

Enhance your home with double glazed doors

Your doors are one of the most important areas of your home, and they need to be able to be as attractive as they are functional. If you’re renovating your home or building one, you should consider installing Christoffel uPVC Double Glazed Doors. Not only do they bring a fresh aesthetic to new and old buildings alike, but they also came in dozens of different design options to meet your style, with superior thermal and noise reduction qualities to set them aside from the rest

What is double glazing and why do I need it?

Double glazed doors have been popular for a long time, and for a good reason. Most modern Australian homes are built to take advantage of the country’s abundance of natural light and glass doors allow for this. While glass lets light in, it isn’t optimized for insulation so energy loss can be quite high, resulting in higher heating and cooling costs. Double glazing involves creating two glass panels and filling the space between with either dry air or gas. This creates an insulating barrier which is then sealed with a waterproofing agent to keep moisture out. It dramatically improves insulation and reduces emissions.

Another benefit of double glazing includes its superior acoustic insulation qualities, which contain noise in your home and sounds coming from outside. Since they’re thick and thus more difficult to penetrate, they also act as a deterrent to intruders while also reducing trapped condensation in cold months and preventing draughts when the temperatures drop.

Our Product Range

We offer a wide variety of doors to choose.

With over 30 years of experience, who better to trust than Christoffel Australia to install your double glazed doors? For more information about having our doors fitted in your home, contact us today.
Entry Door
Entry Doors​

First impressions matter, so your front door needs to stand out. Ours can feature obscured glass and PVC in many styles and effects.

French Door with double glazed glass
French Doors

Bringing the outdoors in, overlooking a patio or outdoor area with our inward or outward opening doors.

UPVC Bifold Doors with double glazed glass
Bi-Fold Doors

Maximize ventilation and natural sunlight with bifold doors that easily fold up when not in use

Sliding Doors
Sliding Doors

Standard sliding doors are a classic addition to any home and are easy to use with an ultra-smooth sliding mechanism

Premi Doors
Premi Doors

The ultimate doors for extremely large openings, complete with superior insulation and soundproofing qualities

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